substainability plan for the future

CSR   Plan

1.Yearly donation for money and clothes for monk's education learners.

2.Using environmental friendly items for packaging plastic bags and papers.

3.Planting trees near our factory and office.

4.Money and clothes donation for water diaster for related department.

5.Staffs' health care such as medical aids and easy hospital and clinic access for medication.

Responsible Care

1. Govenment : Pratice good corporate citizen and maintaining social responsibilty; having transparency with the government authority in every matters of our work.

2. Employee : Providing clinical support to our staffs and workers such as providing health-related care by giving flu shots, safe and clean working environment and accommodations, and positive training for work processes.

3. Factory: Convenient for transportation, situated in the industrial zone to the closet city, and no disturbance to the environment with sound-proof workplace.

Greater Care, Greater Efficiency

1. Making efforts in product innovation, high quality control and consumer desirabilities.

2. Always up to date with changes in promotional and fashional areas.

3. Planting trees near our factory and office.

4. Improving the color variations and consists in using natural, local and export fabrications.

5. Making products always overvalues to our customers.

6. Commitment to quality and value added services.

Quality Assurance

1. The best services for the customers.

2. Consider the safety matters.

3. Emphasizes on employee, product and process.

4. Organizing the company only with skillful and experienced staffs and employees.

5. Striving for continual improvement.