pRofilE at glance

      Diamond company limited was established in 2013 and it has been 7 years that our company has been continuously manufacturing Designs and distributing higher quality Myanmar computerize embroidery with over ten thousand decorative chate, floral and kănok by our own creative in-house design team. In this year 2020, with the aim of extension in to the oversea market, we are manufacturing and selling international embroidery laces and silk textile which complied with the oversea markets’ standards. With Our Diamond Class Co.,Ltd experts, quality focus technique and procedure we are now manufacturing and exporting couture designs and Bridal Laces of foreign designer to over sea country.

As a major textile manufacture, we have distributed silk and cotton fabrics in the Myanmar Fashion market. One of our services is delivering high quality Embroidered Lace with customized or own designs which can keep abreast with time.

Embroidery services are specialized in brand logo and uniform embroideries.

The way we create designs is by combining handmade embroidery with digital arts.

We also give services for customized designs and 3D Motif such as Embroidery Logo, Embroidery Sequencs, Badge an Applique and Embroidery Chate, Flowers and Painting designs.

vision & mission

our vision

  1. To lead as a manufacturer for lifestyle inspired clothing and exquisite creativity of textiles in Myanmar.
  2. To work with Joint Venture or partnerships to extend more market shares with other countries in 2021.

our mission

  1. Most reliable suppliers of quality, value for money product, and service; whilst aiming at supplying products that very well meet the market demand with designs that are most lifestyle inspired and exquisite creativity.

our vaLue

coRe vaLue of the Company


our StRength

  1. High-End Textile Designs In Myanmar Market
  2. Professional and Maintaining Close Relationship with Partners and Clients
  3. Quality Assurances
  4. Time Efficiency And On-Time Delivery
  5. Convenient Factory Location
  6. Cutting-Edge Design Creation
  7. Labour Substitution Capital
  8. Latest Technology of Machineries


Long-Term obJectives

1. In next 3 years, diversification of new business development or expansion of the business.

2. In next 5 years, hiring about a thousand new staffs to develop textile industry.

3. Increase staff annual welfare that was created in 2021 to 2026.

4. Upcoming 10 years to 2030 we aim to work with partners and Joint Venture to extend our business further.

Short-Term obJectives

1. Product Development within one year of SBU (Specific Business Unit).

2. Internet access for brand awareness and increase innovation online development.

3. Leaders will develop better strategies as continuous leaners.

4. Staffs and workers will goes on both long and short trips for wellness and donations.

5. Staffs and workers to go on both long and short trips for wellness and donations.